Into The Void 2019

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Written by Matt Petherbridge

Jaime Pritchard is a quiet storm. A multidisciplinary artist and designer exploring the spirit of wabi-sabi in a disconnected world of mass production and replication, highlighting the ‘beautiful mess’ of our fleeting and imperfect lives.

For ‘Into The Void’, Pritchard is creating an immersive installation, involving over 40sqm paper, mixed media and light projection. Her interpretation of ‘Into The Void’ represents ‘the act of shedding and revealing, disconnection, self reflection and acknowledgement of the inner noise, often shrouded in a quiet, calm exterior.’

“(The concept) has been a great opportunity to reflect and observe thoughts which keep coming back to me during the act of making… how ‘void’ is relevant to my life, my work at this point in time, whilst delving into my own inner as I shed and reflect on my own life story.”

Pritchard’s studio space at The Factory has transformed her artistic process, allowing greater artistic discipline and routine. “It’s been a great catalyst for productivity.”
This creative outpouring has resulted in many varied projects, including design for Bright Eyes, the latest release from local small batch wine label, Sabi Wabi and designs for Into The Void musical acts, Johnston City and Kingsley James.

In late 2017 Jaime was approached by Maitland Regional Art Gallery (MRAG) to design a large installation to hang in the Gallery shop, coinciding with the Hunter Red Exhibition. This catapulted Jaime into working with larger installation works using paper. In April 2018 the installation ‘The Chandelier’ was hung, made up of over 80sqm of paper.

As a Graphic Designer her portfolio weighs heavy with work in the arts, such as the recent re-design of Artel Magazine for Maitland Regional Art Gallery, and has previously worked with Newcastle Art Gallery, The Lock-Up, This is Not Art and Bank Art Museum Moree (BAMM).

As co-founder & manager of The Factory, it’s a true intersection of her professional and artistic careers. It has allowed her to create opportunity for other creatives, not just her fellow residents of The Factory. Her partner and Factory co-founder, Sean Ballenden, runs Triple Three Productions at The Factory - and together, their rejuvenation of the premises has been driven by their passion for growth in the arts in Maitland.

Artel Magazine

Maitland Regional Art Gallery Members Magazine
Autumn / Winter 2018

Written by Ashley Grant

Meet the Maker: Jaime Pritchard
In the spirit of collaboration we have been working with artist Jaime Pritchard to bring together a stunning installation in the Gallery Shop. The Chandelier embraces much of what MRAG is about this winter (and always); art, paper, joy, celebration, movement and red… Hunter Red.
Pritchard is a Maitland based multi-disciplinary artist working across the three realms of graphic design, visual arts (Jaime Pritchard) and artisan stationary (ArtisanMade). The constant between her three practices is the medium of paper, Pritchard’s affinity with it being very much reflected in each. With over 15 years of experience living life as a creative, each of her projects are immaculately executed with the sincerest respect given to the surface she enriches.
Like many artists we stock in the Gallery Shop each of Pritchard’s practices serves a different purpose and produces a different ‘product’. ArtisanMade has been a mainstay on our card stand for some time now offering visitors gorgeous hand painted, embossed and stitched stationary. The Chandelier however embraces her visual arts practice and the diversity that the medium of paper affords.
“Paper is such a beautifully tactile and resilient material, at every turn surprising me with it’s strength when it seems most vulnerable.” Jaime Pritchard
The way she has worked with it in this instance is very much a celebration of the many properties of the medium and demonstrates a perfect balance between exuberance and restraint. You are invited to pause under The Chandelier and be captured in stillness by its mesmerising subtle flow and texture that is revealed with movement in the air.
The Gallery Shop is a space that celebrates both making and makers. We certainly hope you feel inspired after looking up at The Chandelier and perusing our shelves. Do remember that when you shop with us you are supporting both MRAG and working artisans. Why not look around and take home a little something that will help you feel inspired and get creative!
Did you know…
• The Chandelier was made using around 80 sqm paper
• Each length of paper was hand brushed using Chinese calligraphy brushes
• Each segment hangs independently meaning it can be hung in a multitude of ways

Commission for Melissa McMeekin, Stylist

Artwork 'Temple Dog' was selected to be used by stylist Melissa McMeekin, whom was nominated for Inside Out Search for a Stylist 2018.

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