Jaime Pritchard is a multidisciplinary artist and designer creating works that reflect the spirit of wabi-sabi, the view centered on the acceptance of transience and imperfection.

Pritchard's work presents visual and sometimes immersive emotional responses to moments of candid beauty happening all around us amongst the seemingly mundane but beautiful mess of life. Pritchard utilises these moments to highlight the disconnect with our primal nature in modern society and the damaging expectations of perfection in today’s world, touching on issues of mass consumerism and how it impacts us in our personal lives and the natural world.

Pritchard works out of her studio at The Factory in Maitland, New South Wales, located on the Hunter River, and works with a range of mixed media in her practice including painting, drawing, installation and printmaking.

In late 2017 Jaime was approached by Maitland Regional Art Gallery (MRAG) to design a sculptural installation to hang in the Gallery shop, coinciding with the Hunter Red Exhibition. This catapulted Jaime into working with larger sculptural / installation works. In April 2018 the installation ‘The Chandelier’ was hung, made up of over 80sqm of paper.

Also during 2017 Jaime initiated a small publication called 'The Conveyor', bringing together a small group of local creatives to showcase other artists in the regional area. Read it here: https://issuu.com/theconveyor

As a Graphic Designer her portfolio weighs heavy with work in the arts, such as the recent re-design of Artel Magazine for Maitland Regional Art Gallery, along with designing exhibition catalogues for Newcastle Art Gallery and The Lock-Up and brand identity / layout for This is Not Art (TiNA), Bank Art Museum Moree (BAMM) and the Australian National Maritime Museum.

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